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our product - mark save a life self rescue system - MARK Mammoth (Work Safety Overall)
MARK Mammoth Work Safety Overall
The MARK Mammoth safety overall is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls from a height and has been designed for use in combination with work safety and rescue systems.

MARK Mammoth is certified according to EN 361, EN 813 and EN 1497 and has been tested by TV Sd.

MARK Mammoth is being successfully used worldwide: for rock clearing, facility management, utility network construction and by SWAT, fire services, height rescue, on lifting work platforms, in wind parks etc.

The MARK Mammoth Work Safety Overall ensures the safety of all those working in high risk industries, i.e. work at height, underground, rock clearing, facility management, facade cleaning, utility network construction, SWAT, fire services etc. The MARK Mammoth Work Safety Overall has been designed specifically for fall protection and for vertical rescue. Additional features such as pockets or tool belt guides make it a world-first.


MARK Mammoth is an integrated chest and leg strap. All straps and loops are adjustable. Tools, mobile phones or keys can be safely stored in the pockets. The zipper pull ensures that the zip can be opened quickly and easily, even when youre wearing gloves.

Mind your health

Falling in the rope can be detrimental to health in many ways: suspension trauma, circulatory shock, paralysis, lack of oxygen, hypovolemia etc. MARK Mammoth is ergonomically designed and can prevent short and long term health damage.

The leg strap is sewn into the overall in a triangular shape. This triangular shape creates a wide surface that evenly distributes the weight and relieves pressure from the legs. This can prevent suspension trauma and short or long term health damage.

The strap guides come with Velcro fasteners. In case of a fall, the Velcro fasteners open up and act as additional energy absorbers.

The back element is made of stretch fabric, ensuring optimum freedom of movement and acting as energy absorber in case of a fall.

The innovative combination of energy absorbing elements and the triangular shaped leg strap is a world first!

The reflecting strips are sewn into the overall on the shoulders and the legs and ensure optimum visibility also in foggy and rainy conditions.

MARK Mammoth is available in sizes S-XXXL and can be printed with logos, slogans or ads.

And heres a general rule: A smaller person will always fit into a larger overall. Theres no risk of slipping through!