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our product - Healthcare Evac Aid - Busco BabEvac
Busco BabEvac
The Buscot BabEvac cot is designed for the emergency evacuation of premature and newborn babies in the event of fire or other emergency. The Buscot can carry up to two babies per cot depending on size and conditions.

The flexibility and strength of the Buscot allows for easy handling by staff with adequate support and protection for the babies. Each Buscot includes secure storage for a small oxygen cylinder on the underside of the cot to allow manual ventilation of the baby if required.

Packed: 62cm x 36cm x 9cm
Unrolled: 58cm x 30cm x 28cm
Padding: 5mm
Weight: 2kg
Material: Vinyl
Features: Secure storage for small oxygen cylinder (cylinder not included). Webbing straps with plastic buckles. Wall mountable, wipe clean storage bag.


Busco BabEvac